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The Ethics Hotline is an anonymous and confidential tool for people to use to report problems and potential violations of Bowline Energy’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. If you are a royalty or working interest owner with concerns about your ownership interest, please contact the Owner Relations Department.

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We encourage our customers and vendors to contact us directly with any ethical concerns, but if you do not feel comfortable speaking up in person, you wish to remain anonymous, or you believe you received an inadequate response, you can ask questions or report your concern or issue using the Bowline Energy Ethics Hotline.

  • The Ethics Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 855-969-0901, or online through the Ethics Hotline link.
  • The Ethics Hotline is maintained by a third party who will report the information you provide to the appropriate people at Bowline Energy. Whether you report your concern by calling the hotline or going online, you can remain anonymous and still have your matter submitted for review. If you call the Ethics Hotline and wish to remain anonymous, tell the operator you want to remain anonymous and do not provide your name. If you file a report online, chose the anonymous option and do not disclose your name.
  • Bowline Energy observes a strict zero tolerance policy for retaliation. No employee will be disciplined, lose their job or otherwise be subject to retaliation because he or she made a good faith complaint or report to our Company or any appropriate government body about a suspected violation of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, accounting issues, other Company policies or laws and regulations. Good faith means that the individual providing the information believes that it is true and complete. It does not mean that the individuals understanding of the facts must be correct.
  • Nothing in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics or Bowline Energy’s policies restricts its employees from reporting potential violations of laws or regulations to relevant government authorities.
  • Please respect our intentions of establishing an anonymous feedback system by not abusing it.